Najib Razak

My Heartfelt Message

In over 40 years in politics, I have dedicated most of my life to public service. In the beginning, my career was inspired by my father but it is the rakyat that keeps me going. I may no longer be your Prime Minister, but to me public service is a life-long career.

This website is an extension of my public service in my new capacity. I will continue to serve the country to the best of my abilities. I am determined to fulfil my duties and play my role in shaping our future as Malaysia must and always comes first before politics no matter which side of political divide we are on.

I have always believed that for our country to prosper, we must put people above politics and delivery above rhetorics. We must be inclusive, innovative and bold to realise Malaysia’s true potential – hence the transformation programmes introduced in 2009 – 2018. And these programmes continue to bear its fruits till today.

Our university rankings continue to improve, families from B40 have more opportunities more than ever to give themselves a better standard of living with the help of policies such as BR1M, 1Azam and TVET programmes, mega projects such as Pan Borneo Highway set to bring socio-economic benefits for years to come in the areas involved and the MRT that we see in Klang Valley today is a Malaysian project for Malaysians. More of these can be read here.

With greater emphasis placed on B40 and through meticulous policies, we have benefited a wider group of Malaysians than ever before – from the kid in Bario to the struggling single mother in Kuala Lumpur, regardless of their race and religion. 1Malaysia was not mere rhetoric but a principle that was embedded into all of my policies. Those policies were designed for the people of Malaysia.

It has been the honour of my life to serve you as your Prime Minister. Malaysia and Malaysians will always be in my heart. Public service is a life-long commitment for me and with every breath I have, I will continue to fight for a better nation and ensure the welfare of the rakyat is not compromised.

Thank you for taking the time to visit my website. Let’s continue the work for Malaysia.

Najib Razak

6th Prime Minister of Malaysia
Pekan Member of Parliament